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Our trainer Zev Benmorits specializes in educating your pup at our facility as well as at home. Whether you pup is a couple months old or fully grown, Zev uses his skills to teach you as the owner how to bridge the differences between your companion and yourself. Since no two dogs are the same, each training plan is custom made!

What You Get With VIPuppy Spa Training

  • As each pet is different in their upbringing and breed, the first step is a consultation/evaluation to determine how Zev can best help you and your pup.

  • Common Unwanted Behaviors include:

    • Aggression towards humans and dogs

    • Leash pulling

    • House-breaking
    • Sudden change of behavior (to negative)
  • Common Methods that can be used include:

    • Verbal correction

    • Leash correction

    • Positive/negative reinforcement

    • Applying consequences

    • Improving owner's dog handling skill

  • Other services include:

    • Working on anxiety/ separation anxiety

    • Treadmill training

    • Swim training (at home!)

    • Transitioning shelter dogs to home

    • Improving self confidence in fearful dogs

    • Board and Train


VIPuppy Spa Training Rates

Phone Consultation

1-1 Training

In House VIP Check-in

(correcting small behaviors)

VIP Bootcamp

No Charge



Price Will Vary

Cel: 646-734-6706

VIP: 908-522-1630 ext.1

To contact Zev

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