What is your pricing?

Great question! You can see all of our services and pricing by clicking here and selecting the service you are interested in.

Are you able to administer medication?

Absolutely. If your pup needs medication, we can administer it while they are in our care. There is a $3 daily charge, regardless of the number of times per day they need medication.

Are there any additional fees during daycare?

The only other optional fee for daycare guests is for feeding services. You can choose to bring your own food from home for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner or use our own VIP dog food. There is a $3 daily fee for this service, regardless of whether it's your food or ours!

Do I need to bring any belongings with me for boarding?

Nope - it's not necessary to bring any other belongings with you to the facility other than your pup! We have our own VIP beds, blankets, water bowls, leads, and collars to keep them safe and cozy throughout their stay with us.

Do you offer tours?

Absolutely! We encourage clients to come visit our facility. Please fill out our contact form and a staff member will be in touch to find a convenient time for you to come tour VIPuppy Spa. NOTE: We do not offer tours during major holidays or during nap time (12:30-2pm) as our main focus remains on caring for the dogs in the facility during these busy times.

How do I get started?

We love this question best and happy to hear you're wanting to get started! We recommend filling out our Contact Form here or you can call us directly at (908) 522-1630 to schedule your orientation day.


Will my dog ever be unsupervised?

No way! All of our 4-legged guests are supervised at all times by our staff. That's part of our VIP service!

Does VIPuppy Spa accept all dog breeds?

Yes, we do! We love all dogs and do not discriminate based on breed, age, or size. If your dog is social, they will get the same amount of time in our play groups as any other dog regardless of breed. If your dog is not social with other dogs, they will get individual play time with a staff member. Our daycare and boarding services begin with an orientation, which will allow us to assess your dogs' social ability and see which playgroup will be best suited for them.

What shots do you require?

In order for your dog to come to VIPuppy Spa for any of our services, we require your pup to be completely up to date on their Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccines. Although not required, we highly recommend the K9 Influenza shot as well.

Can I watch my dog on camera?

Unfortunately, our cameras are not assessible to clients. However, management has access to 24-hour live-feed cameras and checks them regularly (day and night). As part of our security system, we are also alerted to any movement or sound throughout the whole facility to ensure your pup and our staff's safety.

How do you manage kennel cough?

Transparency is at the forefront of what we do here at VIPuppy Spa, which means if an outbreak of kennel cough occurs, the first thing we do is keep our clients in the loop. Due to the fact that it is an airborne virus, it is unavoidable in pet care centers (just like the common cold at childcare centers or schools). Even if your dog does get kennel cough, most do not need treatment as it's not usually a serious condition! VIPuppy Spa takes all precautions necessary to avoid these situations as much as possible. We've invested in the best HVAC equipment that allows for fresh air flow and keeps humidity at 50% or lower. This helps keep our air clean to fight against bacteria. We also keep the Spa pristine by cleaning frequently throughout the day with veterinary grade solution.

Why does my dog have a cut/abrasion?

While at doggie daycare, most of our dogs love to wrestle around with each other! This interaction is very good for socialization and a great way for your dog to burn energy. During this sort of play, it is not uncommon for some dogs to experience some minor cuts or scrapes. But, don't worry! Our staff is monitoring and supervising at all times, ensuring that they are playing as safely as possible. We will inform you immediately if your dog becomes injured in any major way.

What does VIPuppy Spa do in an emergency situation?

If your dog becomes ill or injured while in our care here at the Spa, we immediately take action. If your dog is showing signs of sickness while at VIPuppy Spa, our first step is to contact your veterinarian. If your pet requires immediate assistance and your vet is unavailable, we'll call our on-call vet or take them to a 24HR emergency room. Of course, we will keep you posted every step of the way.

Why did my dog lose weight during their stay?

Here are a couple of reasons why this can occur. Usually, the amount of exercise they experience while at VIPuppy Spa is much higher than their usual walks. They are exposed to high energy play with other dogs, which makes them burn more calories. However, sometimes pets can experience anxiety when in a new environment outside of their home, which causes them to eat less. But, don't worry! We closely monitor all of our pups, so if you're dog is exhibiting signs of stress (or not eating), we will be sure to give them extra attention or feed them separately in a quiet room to help them feel more relaxed.