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Our Grooming & Bathing Services give your pet the VIP pampering they deserve with the comfort of knowing your pet is in the hands of our expert bathers and groomers.

The best part? Add a day of play so not only will your dog come home clean and groomed, but they will also be tired and ready to rest the night away with you.

What You Get With VIPuppy Spa Grooming

  • Each pet is different. Price varies based on size/temperament/coat condition of your dog or cat (yes, we can bathe/groom cats). We may need to add de-matting or other more advanced intricate grooming services.

  • Bathing: Includes two shampoos, one deep conditioning, teeth brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, gland releasing, de-shed, and blow out. Cologne/perfume and a bandana or bow is also added for your clean VIP pet!

  • Grooming: Includes the same as bathing, but with your choice of clipping style. Each quote is customized.

  • State-of-the-art facility and HVAC system that keeps the air fresh and humidity at 50% or less.

  • Add on a daycare visit, so your pup is not only clean and well-groomed but also tired when picked up!

- For Grooming: daycare beforehand is free of charge

- For Bathing: daycare beforehand is half-price!

Large dog in bath covered in water and shampoo during grooming services

VIPuppy Spa Grooming Rates

Prices vary according to your dog's size & temperament!

Please call for pricing & availability


Nail Clipping

Nail Grinding/Filing









"My dog, a 13.5 year old Wheaten Terrier, was a mess!  Due to some medical issues he went ungroomed for about six months (he normally is clipped once a month).  He was heavily matted and very dirty. The staff at VIPuppy did a marvelous job! He was trimmed close to remove all mats and they shaped his face to look like his old self.  He smelled great! LOL they listened to my concerns and were patient with my senior dog. They texted me during the process to let me know he was okay. He wasn't stressed or exhausted after the service as he sometimes is. I will bring him back in a month or so when he's grown out.  His coat will be in great shape for winter! Sincere thanks to the patient staff at VIPuppy!"

~ Philip H. via Yelp

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