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Our VIP Doggie Daycare is more than just a way for your dog to play. It's a way to reduce stress, aid in alleviating separation anxiety, burn energy, and help with positive socialization skills. All the while, VIP pet parents like you can relax knowing your dog is in wonderful hands.

After all, we don't call ourselves VIP for nothing!

What You Get With VIPuppy Spa Daycare

  • We are a fully supervised indoor & outdoor play facility. Pups get breaks and naps, which allows them to rest and also maintain the best potty training practices.

  • Reservations are highly recommended, but walk-in's are welcome, so feel free to bring Fido by when it's convenient for you.

  • There's no discrimination here - all breeds are welcome!

  • We also accept puppies who have yet to be spayed/neutered & can provide safe socialization opportunities just for them!

  • State-of-the-art facility and HVAC system that keeps the air fresh and humidity at 50% or less, which helps to minimize the risk of transmitting airborne illnesses.

  • A daily recap of how your pup did during the day, who they played with, & if they may be causing a bit of trouble. Keeping clients informed is our priority!

Multiple dogs outside daycare facility playing together

VIPuppy Spa Daycare Rates

Full Day of Daycare

15-Day Daycare Package



*valid for 1 year from purchase date*

30-Day Daycare Package


*valid for 1 year from purchase date*

*there is a $10.00 late pick up fee for picking up your pup after 7PM-7:10PM weekdays and 6PM-6:10PM weekends *

A Day In The VIPuppy Daycare  Life

Step 1: Check-in Time!

Dogs checking in for daycare at VIPuppy Spa in Summit, NJ

All you have to do is drop off your dog and playtime begins! 

Step 2: Say Hello To Friends!

two happy dogs during doggie playtime at VIPuppySpa for dog daycare

Once handed over to our friendly staff, your pup will go meet friends who are already playing outside!

Step 3: Rest Time!

Nap time at doggie daycare for long-haired pup

After playing for a bit, it's time for your pup's rest time, which is JUST as important as playtime.

*We can also accomodate snack time at an extra fee*

Step 4: Playtime Round Two!

Two happy dogs with tongues sticking out at doggie daycare facility

The well-rested pups will head back for more playtime to enjoy the afternoon before being picked up.

Step 5: Time To Go Home!

Golden doodle smiling at the camera with smaller dog alongside them

'Mommy/Daddy's here to pick you up! We hope to see you again soon - maybe tomorrow?!'


"So I want to begin by saying that I have an anxious dog...Sadie is a rescue who went through some things when she was a puppy. She barked all the time. Strangers terrified her. She would hide behind me when we went into any new setting. She ran from other dogs who came too close. So I was very apprehensive about sending her to any sort of boarding or daycare. But I'm a teacher, and so I work long hours and, needed to send her somewhere clean and nice for the day so she could be looked after.


I couldn't be happier with my choice of VIPuppy. The location is clean and well managed. The dogs are separated by size for outdoor play. And I was incredibly happy when I found out, after her first day there, that she'd gotten very anxious around the dogs, and so the staff had brought her into the office with them where she could take a break. So we kept sending her there, confident that the staff was taking great care of Sadie.

Over time, something I began to notice is that the more Sadie went, the more she began to change. She didn't bark as much. She didn't hide behind me as often. She began saying hello to other dogs in the street. She even let strangers in our house pet her. We've been sending her there for a few months now, and Sadie is a changed dog...Seeing her wag her tail when the staff come out is a total game changer.

Cannot give this place a high enough rating."

~ Lillie H. via Yelp

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